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Lyon, WWII & Resistance

 Amazing audioguided walking tour on your smartphone!

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Walking tour description

During the Second World War, Lyon played a key role in the liberation of France from the Nazis. Rewind back in time to when Lyon became a hotbed of Resistance against the enemy.

Follow the voice of a passionate guide from your smartphone and in the footsteps of the great men who marked the history of France! Commentaries trigger automatically right where they happened.

Walk through corridors, stairs, courtyards and traboules, used as a hiding place for the heroes of the Resistance, and all those who played a role in the underground struggle

Lyon, WWII & Resistance

💪 Highlights

A walking tour like no other

  • Relive the terrible history of the French resistance from 1940 to 1944…
  • Discover the bravery of the key figures and heroes of the French resistance: Moulin, Leynaud, and many others!
  • Stroll through the many traboules of the city, these small secret passages used by the resistance fighters to escape the Nazis.
  • The tour is designed by Marion, a professional tour guide.
  • Enjoy a unique guided audio experience: stories and directions are automatically triggered from your smartphone.
  • Visit at your own pace. A little shopping break or stop at a terrace? Resume the tour where you left off.

How does it work?

1.Select the tour of your choice on the Rewind Application

2. Meet at the indicated departure address

3.Press play and simply follow your guide for the next hour

About this tour

📍 Departure point: 17 Rue du Bât d’Argent, 69001 Lyon, near métro Hôtel de Ville – Louis Pradel

🚶‍♂️ Duration: 1 to 1.5 hour

⏱ Availability: daily, from 7am to 6pm

☝️ Required before starting your visit:

  1. A smartphone (fully charged)
  2. The Rewind application installed on your smartphone
  3. An internet connection for the duration of the tour
  4. Your headphones

🙂 More information:

  • An internet connection is required for the duration of the tour
  • Follow the tour from your smartphone on the Rewind app
  • The tour launches at the starting point – and won’t start from anywhere else
  • You can take the tour any day and any time after purchase
  • This tour is available in English and French
  • You can activate pause at any time and resume the tour whenever you want
  • No one will assist you at the starting point or during the visit (to get started, use the application and follow the instructions received by email after purchase)
  • Visit suitable for people in wheelchairs
  • Wearing a mask is mandatory in public places
  • The social distancing must be respected during the tour

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