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🎁 Paris Gift Card: simply the perfect gift!

3 smartphone audioguided tours of your choice

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Gift Card description

3 for the price of 2!

A great gift for family or friends : they can select 3 tours of Paris from the 9 available and visit Paris with their smartphone in the pocket: all stories and directions trigger automatically.

From the scandalous Paris to Street-Art and not withstanding the world famous Montmartre

Your friends or family will discover Paris with 3 amazing audio-guided tours to choose among 9 available on the Rewind application: classic, off the beaten track or themed? Unbelievable visits, to do on your own thanks to Rewind’s app!

Tours are designed by professional tour guides. Well worth it !

Visit at your own pace. A little shopping break or a terrace break? Just pick up where you left off.

Paris, simply the perfect gift


💪 Highligts

Audioguided tours like no other

  • From the scandalous Paris to Street-Art and not withstanding the world famous Montmartre…: select 3 out of 9 audioguided tours of Paris on your smartphone
  • Gift card validity 3 years and tours available 7/24
  • Tours are designed by  professional guides, passionate about all the magic that a city has to offer!
  • Leave your smartphone in your pocket: all the commentaries and directions trigger automatically
  • Visit at your own pace: stop for a café or lunch and resume the tour when you’re ready

How does it work?

1. Select the tour of your choice on the Rewind Application

2. Meet at the indicated departure address

3. Press play and simply follow your guide for the next hour

Following your purchase, you will receive a confirmation email from REWIND including the activation code and the instructions to download the application. Give this code to your loved one so that they can choose 3 guided tours, among the 9 available on the application!

About this tour

📍 Departure point: available on the description of each walking tour

🚶‍♂️ Duration: 1 to 1.5 hours

⏱ Availability: your friend can choose the tours and date of visit any time after purchase.

☝️ Required before starting your visit:

  1. A smartphone (fully charged)
  2. The Rewind application installed on your smartphone.
  3. An internet connection for the duration of the tour.
  4. Your headphones.

🙂 More information:

  • Your friend will follow the tour from your smartphone on the Rewind app
  • The tours launch at the starting point – and won’t start from anywhere else
  • Your friend can choose the tours and date of visit any time after purchase
  • Tours are available in English and French
  • Depending on the pace, the visits can take between 60 and 90 minutes
  • No one will assist your friend at the starting point or during the visit: a phone contact is provided in case assistance is required

Our guides and voices

All our tours are designed by  professional guides and actors

Axelle Carlier


Robert Dauney

English Voice

Théo Abramowicz


Rachel Williams

English Voice

Debra Reynolds

English Voice

Patrick albenque

English Voice