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Before you go: For the best audio-guided tour experience, don't forget your headphones and make sure you have a sufficiently charged smartphone for the duration of the tour.

Our tours are available at any time! You are free to do them whenever you want. You can visit at your own pace. Do you need a break for a drink or to take a picture? Click on "pause" and resume your tour whenever you want. If you do them in one go, our tours last about 1 hour. Each story lasts between 1'30 and 2 minutes. It's the perfect duration, neither too long nor too short!

How to do a tour in group?

You have purchased more than one Rewind ticket and you want to your tour in group?
Follow these steps:

Go to the "Bookings" tab of your app
Click on "Give to a Rewind account"
Enter the receiving email address linked to a Rewind account
Please note: all visitors must have created an account and downloaded the Rewind app to receive their ticket.
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