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Local audioguided tour on your smartphone in Lyon!

Visit with your smartphone in your pocket and follow the voice of your guide 

6 amazing audioguided tours in Lyon…

1 hour of entertaining tours combining major sites & hidden gems

  • Each tour is designed with local professional Tour Guides with tons of fun and insider facts
  • Leave your smartphone in your pocket: all the commentaries and directions trigger automatically
  • You can take the tour any day and any time after purchase
  • Visit at your own pace: you’re on your very own personnalized tour, stop for a café or lunch and resume the tour when you’re ready!
  • The visit is done with your smartphone and your headphones, in full compliance with current health rules

Old Lyon and its traboules

Lyon, Croix-Rousse and historical silk industry

Lyon Fourvière Sacred Hill

Lyon, WWII & Resistance 

Lyon World Capital of Gastronomy

Lyon Painted Walls, United States district

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  • Select 3 out of 6 audioguided tours of Lyon on your smartphone
  • You can take the tour any day and any time after purchase

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