How to start a Rewind tour?

From the Rewind application, go to the “Reservations” tab and click on the “start” button for the tour of your choice. Then go to the starting point of the tour in the street, and click on “play”. All you have to do now is follow the voice of the guide who will tell you the stories and guide you along the route. The stories trigger automatically according to your GPS position.

Can we do our tours together?

Yes, we offer very low rates starting with the 2nd participant.

How can I give a Rewind tour to several people?

You can give a Rewind tour from the “Reservations” tab of the application. After clicking on the “Give to a Rewind account” button, enter the recipient’s email address to give your purchase. Please note that the recipient’s email must be linked to a Rewind account. Make sure they have created a Rewind account before you give them your purchase.

What time do Rewind visits start?

You can start the tours whenever you want! Please note:

Can I take the tours offline?

For the moment, you must have an internet connection throughout the tour. However, you will soon be able to download the tour before taking it.

In what language are the tours offered?

Most of our tours are available in English, French, Spanish, German and Italian.

Are we accompanied by a guide during the tours?

Your only guide is your smartphone, there is no physical guide. But you can’t get lost, the Rewind guide’s voice gives you audio directions and a map reminds you of them as you go. And if you take a wrong turn, no problem, we’ll tell you that too.

Can I take the tours with my family and children?

Yes, our tours are perfectly adapted for families with children. They are real experiences enriched with sound, impossible to get bored!

Are the tours open to people with reduced mobility or strollers?

We stipulate on each tour description if it is adapted to people in wheelchairs or strollers.

Are headphones required for the tours?

For a better experience, it is best to have headphones. If not, the sound will come out of the smartphone speakers. It can sometimes be difficult to hear the explanations due to traffic or weather conditions.

Do I have to activate my smartphone’s geolocation feature?

Yes, the stories in our tours are automatically triggered along the way thanks to your geolocation. It is therefore imperative that you share your location. Please note that we ask you for access to your location only in order to provide you with the best tour experience.

I made a reservation but did not receive a confirmation

Please check your spam folder. Otherwise, you can contact us directly by email at

How do I cancel a reservation due to an unforeseen event?

If you have purchased an audio-guided tour only, you can visit whenever you want, the reservation date is only indicative.

On the other hand, for an activity, the deadline for changing the date is specified in the product description. In most cases, it is possible to cancel up to 24 hours before the activity.

What should I bring on the day of the visit?

Your smartphone with a full battery.

Your headphones (if you don’t want to use your phone’s speakers).

Comfortable shoes