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Discover Marseille

Did you know that Marseille is the oldest city in France? It was founded in the year 600 BCE by Greeks from Phocaea. That’s where Marseille gets its nickname: “The Phocaean City.”

Let’s go explore Le Panier, Marseille’s historic district with your smartphone as the only guide for 1 hour! Start your walk on the Old Port, the central point of the city and admire the best-known symbol of the city, Notre Dame de la Garde. Known as La Bonne Mère, or Holy Mother, it is said to protect the people of Marseille, especially fishermen. Also from the Old Port, you will be able to spot Fort Saint-Jean and Fort Saint-Nicolas that shared a common purpose: protecting the city. That said, some of the cannons were aimed at the city to intimidate the Marseillais, who were already displaying a bit of a rebellious spirit! After having stopped a few moments in front of the sumptuous Hôtel Dieu you truly enter the Panier district. The houses are old, narrow, and colorful, and there’s a village feeling right here in the heart of the city. You will notice that the second city of France is full of stories and fascinating anecdote!

At the end of your itinerary, don’t miss the majestic Major Cathedral. From here, a breathtaking view of the famous Frioul Archipelago awaits you. You will find the famous Château d’If, which inspired the author Alexandre Dumas and his novel, The Count of Monte Cristo. After your guided tour, if the sun is shining, don’t hesitate to visit the famous Calanques of Marseille, not far away!

Visit at your own pace

What about discovering Marseille with a brand-new audio-guided tour experience, far from tourist groups?

With your smartphone as your only guide for 1 hour, stroll through the streets of the Panier, the city’s historic district. To enjoy your walk, go to the starting point of the tour on the Old Port and follow the guide’s voice from the Rewind application. All the audio stories will be triggered automatically as you walk along your route. Want to take a break on a terrace or go shopping? Stop and resume the tour whenever you want. An excursion to do alone, with family or friends. And that will delight adults and children alike!

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