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Guided walking tours for travelers and parisians

Despite its 38 million tourists in 2019, Paris is often unknown by its locals. A fact that pinches the heart but that gave birth to the idea of Rewind: to make Parisians (re)discover their city. 1 hour guided walking tours to do from your smartphone. Created by local guides, these are the best tours to do if you want to walk the streets, parks and gardens of Paris on your own, in total freedom. You will discover the stories and anecdotes of the hidden but also iconic places of the city of lights.

During our “Mysteries and Legends of Paris” tour, learn the history of the sumptuous Pyramid of the Louvre Museum, walk along the quays of the Seine and discover why the charming Place Dauphine is called “the sex of Paris”. Finish your walk in front of the monumental Cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris, close to the Ile Saint Louis. In the 7th arrondissement, discover the Eiffel Tower, in the heart of the Champ de Mars. For more unusual routes, change district! Go to the 13th arrondissement with its open-air museum. Admire majestic work of arts by some of the world’s greatest street artists! At the end of the day, go to South Pigalle district. You’ll discover our “sulfurous Paris” walking tour” which ends in front of the iconic Moulin Rouge. If you add to these neighborhoods, museums, places and monuments, the Père Lachaise cemetery, the Champs Elysées avenue, and many others, it’s legitimate to wonder if Paris is not the most beautiful city in France…

And after all that, if you feel like it, go to Versailles, not far away. It is the castle of the Sun King that you will discover.

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Spending the day with a group of strangers to visit a city is not really what you like? Not to talk about Jean-Michel, who always knows everything better than anyone else, no matter what tour he takes… In that case, we suggest you discover our Rewind audio walking tours. Your smartphone (and your headphones) is the only thing you will need to explore. Download the Rewind application, choose the self-guided tour of your choice and then go to the street, to the starting point. Click on play and let’s go! Visit with your smartphone in your pocket: all audio stories trigger automatically, at the right place and at the right time on your itinerary. Want to take a cruise or other excursions along the way? No problem, our tours pass by iconic tourist spots in each city. Our tours reserved for adults but children as well! Visit when you want alone or with friend, in respect of barrier gestures.

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