3 Days in Paris with Rewind

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article published on 19/04/2023

Hello there! Have you met John & Poppy? No, poppy is not only a flower! Today we’d like to introduce you to John and Poppy, an adorable couple from Manchester who are big fans of travel and culture. They’ve recently tried Rewind on the advice of their Parisian friend, Tom. So, we wanted to share their experience with our beloved app that breathes a breath of fresh air into audio guides. Spoiler alert: they loved it!

“Do you know Rewind?”

John and Poppy loooove Paris (read with a proper Mancunian accent, please) and have always dreamt of setting foot there. They decide to leave their admittedly rainy Manchester to spend a weekend in the French capital. It’s perfect timing since John knows Tom will be there. Tom is a friend of John’s from uni who lives in Paris, with whom he studied in London (and also did more than a few London pub nights).

Freshly arrived in Paris, Poppy and John, who’ve read tons of books about Paris, want to start their stay in the famous Montmartre district. Off we go! Tom knows the basics about this area, but not exactly like the back of his hand. Poppy and John find themselves more and more intrigued by this fascinating neighborhood surrounding them, so John decides to test Rewind by opening a walk: The Hidden Side of Montmarte. The result? Poppy, John, and Tom can now tell the story of the Sacré-Coeur. They also now know the secrets of the cabarets in the neighborhood and can list the famous people who lived in the area. In the middle of their walk, they stop the guide by clicking on “pause,”… but only to enjoy a delicious brunch at Chez Marcel on rue Léandre, which is highly recommended by Rewind. Then, they pop back to where they were before their brunch, and they’re on their merry way!

After their super fun, hour-long little cultural walk, our friends need some rest, but they better be careful! They don’t want to miss out on a moment in Paname (hip local slang for Paris)! Luckily, Tom has a little surprise for the couple; he’s gifting them a cruise on the Seine via Rewind for a visit through the city in ultimate chill mode. Our star couple’s reaction? “Brilliant!!!”. 130 photos, 50 smiles, and 80 memories later, and they’re back on dry land with stars in their eyes! We’re not bluffing. They were thrilled! Poppy and her mile-wide smile say it all: “Wow, visiting Paris by boat is a remarkably different experience. It’s a whole different side of the city that you really don’t see while walking along the streets.” Mon Dieu!

“1h30 of culture, anecdotes, and the hippest places”

The next day, day two for our trio! Or, unfortunately, more like a duo for today. Tom has a minor problem, an emergency at work, and he can’t make it to play tour guide today. For shame! This morning, he planned to take them around the Marais, which he knows by heart… Tom tells them to have a look at Rewind. There must be a walk in this district known the world over. Fear not! Rewind has got your back! Direction: Place des Vosges! John and Poppy are ready to discover the trendy Marais and its small cafés and bistros. The goal? Soak up 100% of the atmosphere of the neighborhood! After visiting the Picasso Museum, strolling through narrow alleys, admiring some mansions, and sipping a spritz on a sunny terrace, John and Poppy send a message to Tom: “Mate ! The visit was top! 1h30 of culture, stories about the places we saw, and the cutest places for poppy to get some Insta shots! Let’s meet this afternoon for a cuppa next to the Eiffel Tower? Turrah!”

Yes, the Eiffel Tower is THE monument not to be missed, but Tom, who lives in Paris, often passes in front of la Dame de Fer, and, he must admit, it gives him a bit of vertigo. So he decides to launch Rewind and discover the neighborhood around the Eiffel Tower while the John and Poppy climb the 674 steps of the monument. It might be a while…

A little over an hour later, the three companions meet to enjoy some small but succulent pastries while comparing photos. Selfies galore and breathtaking views of Paris for the couple; legendary Haussmann buildings, elegant parks, and Trocadero for Tom, with the added bonus of a few restaurants, spotted during the Rewind tour, which he plans to try next weekend. 4 pastries and 2 jasmine teas later, they decide to head back to their lodging and get ready to check out a little concert in a bar not far from Tom’s flat. #saturdaynight

“It’s funny. I never think to walk around here!”

It’s Sunday o’clock! Our star trio is off to the tiny bistro next door for a bit of brekkie: piping hot coffee and some croissants, please! The three friends chat, revel in last night’s and yesterday’s festivities, and… notice that the weather has taken a turn for the worse. Poppy, who has been scrolling on Rewind while munching on her croissant, spotted the Palais-Royal and covered passages. It’s the ideal way to visit, sheltered from the grey skies while enjoying the view (and the sounds) of the city. They can wander while discovering classic bookshops, hidden brasseries, or art galleries (and maybe even the garden of the Palais-Royal, if the sun decides to make an appearance again).

“It’s funny, I never think of walking around in this area.” This has been the perfect opportunity for Tom to stock up on new places to check out and learn even more about his city, which still holds a wealth of surprises for him.

1pm, already! They didn’t even realize time had been flying. It’s already time for lunch! So, for this last meal for three, Tom takes them to the Bouillon Chartier to taste some very French dishes. The 100% authentic restaurant boasts a railway atmosphere, wooded rooms, and waiters wearing the classic waiter’s bow tie. It’s simply an icon in Paris. On the menu: leek vinaigrettes, snails, shepherd’s pie, and lemon meringue pie, among other tantalizing choices… our mouths are watering already! The perfect delicious lunch before picking up the suitcases at the hotel and heading back to Manchester.

So that’s all for this adventure. It’s time for John and Poppy to say au revoir to Tom and cross the English Channel once again, their heads and hearts full of memories and their smartphones chocked full of pictures. À la prochaine!

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