The essential applications to visit Paris

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article published on 05/05/2023

What are the essential applications to visit Paris?

In addition to mobile applications to get around Paris easily (RATP, Citymapper, Moovit…), there is a wide range of guided tour applications. These allow each traveller to discover the City of Light in an atypical way in order to find his happiness. But between all the available applications, it is not always easy to decide which one to use. So we have prepared a list of 5 essential applications to visit Paris that allow you to learn incredible stories and anecdotes about the French capital.

Rewind Stories

Want to discover Paris in an original way? Rewind is the mobile application you need for your visits in Paris. It offers to learn more about the French capital through thematic tours to discover at your own pace. Paris tours are available as audio guides, carefully prepared by local professional guides and actors. From the timeless Eiffel Tower to Street Art, through the famous Montmartre district, you will discover the unusual anecdotes of Paris on foot in complete autonomy.

Easy to use, the application takes you on an exploration of the different facets of the City of Light. The stories and directions are automatically triggered at the right time when you are at the right place. Want to take a break from the terrace or shopping? No problem! You can resume your visit whenever you want, right where you left off. The application is available on the Apple Store and on the Play Store.


If you want to visit Paris with friends or family in a playful way, Atlantide is the application that might just please you. Co-created with professional historians, it allows you to discover the secrets of the Capital through thrilling investigations in which you are the hero. By transforming Paris into a gigantic playground, the application offers you the possibility to learn the history of the city through original, fun and educational walks. There are different levels of difficulty to enrich everyone’s culture. The application is available on the Apple Store and on the Play Store.

The Tourist in Paris

Visiting Paris? The Tourist in Paris is the application made for tourists who want to live an authentic Parisian experience. With daily updated content, it allows you to enjoy a personalized stay, whatever your profile. Founded by two Parisians, Alexandre and Bertrand, The Tourist in Paris stands out for its editorial content that details the best places to visit according to the period of your trip and the place you are staying. It keeps you informed of the latest news and events in Paris. The goal is to survey a Parisian neighbourhood beyond the tourist attractions and not miss a place that only the locals know. The application is available on both Android and iPhone.


Created in 2017, Cultur’easy is a media that highlights tourist and cultural destinations. A team of enthusiasts and specialists share with users their discoveries in all cultural fields. This application is thus designed for culture lovers. It accompanies you throughout your stay, from the beginning of your research to the planning of your visits. It even suggests your next outing according to your desires and expectations. For example, if you enter the Catacombs of Paris, you can visit death and pay tribute to it through education. The application is available on the Apple Store and on the Play Store.


If you are fond of literature, the Emile application is made for you! It is an application that allows you to rediscover the most beautiful places, monuments, districts, streets and bridges of Paris as described by the authors of classic or contemporary French literature. How does it work? After accepting the geolocation, the application sends you a notification when you pass near an emblematic place to propose you a short extract of an author describing it. You will be able to listen to or read the beautiful words of Emile Zola on the Boulevard de Rochechouart in L’Assommoir, of Georges Simenon on the Champs-Élysées or of Virginie Despentes on the Place de Clichy or the Avenue Simon Bolivar in Vernon Subutex. Finally, this application allows you to discover the treasures of a city that is far from having delivered all its secrets. The application is available on the Apple Store and on the Play Store. 

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