The Most Romantic Things to Do in Paris

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article published on 24/04/2023

Your flights are booked, your suitcases are (almost) packed, you’re jet-set and ready for the ultimate couple’s holiday, Paris. You’ve made an excellent choice in choosing Paris for your romantic getaway in the city of love with your one and only, très romantique! Paris is the number one choice if you’re looking for a place to share more than a few picture-perfect romantic moments with your sweetheart. Paris isn’t the city of love and romance for just any reason! Keep reading to discover the rich background of the iconic French capital.

Paris, THE city of love? A bit of history to start…

In France and abroad, Paris enjoys its reputation as a symbol of love and romance. Many writers, poets, and artists such as Hugo, Sand, Lamartine, Baudelaire, and others who called Paris home put their ideas of love, passion, desire, and liberty to paper and canvas during the 19th century Romanticism movement. For an immersive experience of Romanticism, the Musée de la Vie Romantique in the 9th arrondissement (district), also famously the house of the Romanticist painter, Ary Scheffer is not to be missed. Here, you can admire lush furniture, dazzling jewels, drawings, and even portraits of George Sand, who often visited Scheffer. After taking your walk back through time, take a moment to step out in the rough-around-the-edges but always bursting-with-life neighborhood of Pigalle. To find out more about the scandalous history of the famous Pigalle gentlemen’s clubs and some of their notable clients, click here.

In short, during this exciting era, Paris became a hotspot for creative meetings and literary and philosophical soirées, where intellectuals and artists would meet to debate on the world in chic Parisian apartments and cafes while indulging in (more than a few) drinks. Paris became the symbol of romanticism, creativity, and inspiration, an ideal that was to be exported throughout the world. This is how words and phrases like “je t’aime”, “rendez-vous”, “fiancé(e) “… found their way into modern English. Speaking of “I love you”, did you know there is a “wall of love” in Paris? You’ll have to go to the neighborhood of Abbesses in Montmartre to admire it! And while you’re there, it’s also the perfect time to tune into your Rewind application and uncover all the secrets of Montmartre.

Staying on the same path, don’t forget to stop by the Pont des Arts in the 6th arrondissement. For many years, couples from all over the world attached padlocks to the bridge to immortalize their love. After a while, those love locks began to damage the bridge’s structural integrity, and the locks were removed in 2015. Luckily, you and your darling can still share the breathtaking view and declare your love on the legendary bridge. And to keep up with the romantic pace, why not indulge in a romantic dinner at the Lapérouse, a restaurant founded in 1766. One of the best things about this stunning find is the cozy alcove seating that creates a lovely ambiance of intimacy and romance. We must warn you though, the prices can be a bit steep with dishes ranging between 28€ and 120€.

Paris, love in the air… and on every street corner! 

Beyond the historic symbols all around Paris, there is another, more poetic side, a mysterious melancholic ambiance that you’ll miss if you’re not careful. Shall we elaborate? For example, as you meander through the 11th arrondissement, you’ll notice cobbled streets, particularly near Oberkampf with the Cité Durmar, a flowery dead-end lined with elegant ateliers and studios. Or the gorgeous rue Crémeaux in the 12th, one of Paris’s most beautifully unique streets, don’t forget to pause for a few photos!

Paris is also full of lovely squares and gardens, just waiting for a couple of lovebirds to share a kiss on one of their classic green park benches. Among the must-sees, we recommend Place Dauphine or Pont Neuf metro station, where some of the scenes from Midnight in Paris were shot. Not so fast, though! Take a few seconds to launch Rewind and discover some of the mysteries and macabre legends from this area…

And if those spooky legends didn’t give you the chills, how about dining in the dark? No, really! There is a restaurant in Paris where you can enjoy fine dining in absolute darkness. It’s slyly named Dans le Noir?, and while prices can get steep, it’s a sensory experience unlike any other. 

If you’re craving some greenery, check out the Saint-Gilles-Grand-Veneur garden in the Marais, ideal for puckering up away from prying eyes and the bustle of the Parisian streets. Did you know that one of the biggest scandals of the 17th Century took place in the Marais? Click here to find out about it.

For those who love getting out and wandering around the city, you can take a romantic stroll along the Seine while admiring the Parisian monuments (even better, it’s free #parispascher). And if your feet are getting a little tired, you can go for a cruise on the Seine… snuggled up on one of the lovely riverboats as the sun sets on a wonderfully romantic afternoon? Who are you calling cliché? To book your outing in only 3 clicks, click here.

So, your little cruise has you longing for the feeling of sand between your toes? Head to the Coco de Mer restaurant, where the average plate costs about 22€, to enjoy some Seychelles style dining while you eat with your feet in the sand. Not bad! 

All of us at Rewind hope that your stay here will bring you joy, laughter, and beautiful memories that will last for years to come!

Bon voyage! 

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