Why Visiting Paris with Rewind Is Always a Good Idea

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article published on 20/04/2023

Paris is always a brilliant idea, but have you ever visited Paris with Rewind? Rewind is the app that adds a dash of cultural delight to your walking tours by making audio guides fun again. Just open your app, choose a tour, head to the starting point, and follow your trusty guide. Easy, right?

Still in need of some convincing? Here’s a list of perks you get when you download Rewind, the handy app that reinvents guided tours. Let’s get started!

Rewind is:

Freedom, sweet freedom

The icing on the cake is that Rewind obeys your every command: click “ON” and off you go, free to venture here and there. At the same time, the stories are all launched automatically. Rewind brings a whole new meaning to being at the right place at the right time. #rewindismagic.

Culture, adventure, and immersion, oh my!

Professional guides have worked hard to produce relevant, verified content and crystal-clear information for Rewind’s tours. Thanks to our faithfully fact-checking editors and the actors who record the audios, you can (re)experience the different anecdotes related to each place as if you were there. For instance, you can embark on a journey to discover the trendy side of the Marais, ideal for the curious who love historical and animated spots at the same time. Add the sound effects of the city around you, and your stroll becomes a real-life experience. Keep your eyes open and prepare your ears!

Rewind is even in partnership with the Paris and Lyon tourist offices and several great Parisian companies, including Batobus, Les Vedettes de Paris, and BigBusParis. And let’s not forget that we won the Ile de France Mobilité award to develop tours featuring Parisian buses.

So much more than just tours… 

We feature all sorts of unique ways to discover the world around you! On Rewind, you can enjoy a “visit + activity” combo. For example, you can opt for a relaxing cruise, a fabulous bus tour, or a walk with a refreshing spritz in hand. These little escapades are designed for a great time, with stops and stories along the way that perfectly complement each other. Not sure what to include in your combo? Simply choose your visit, then select your favorite activity. Rewind adapts to you and your whims!

First time in the city of love? Rewind takes you to the capital’s must-see spots and creates a personalized itinerary, just for you. From Montmartre to the Royal Palace to the Eiffel Tower area, you won’t miss a thing!

Rediscovering Paris? The Rewind app is your ideal sidekick, as it allows you to rediscover Paris in a whole new light. Explore its secrets & mysteries, the Remarkables women in Paris who have left their mark on it, even its Montparnasse, Capital of arts… The hardest part will be choosing where to start!

On your own, as a pair, or in a group, you’re welcome to share your walks with whomever you want! During the visit, you can also chat with your friends, add your own anecdotes, or share history tidbits about important events. In short, you are free to roam stress-free! Say hello to your own personal tour and au revoir to groups of tourists who slow down the tour, ask 50 questions, hog the guide, or add their two cents at every single stop.

Unbeatable prices

Our tours are available from 9,99€, a pretty sweet deal, right? We challenge you to find a cultural experience at this price. We guarantee you’ll love it!

Bonus: prices drop according to the number of participants, so feel free to invite your family or friends or make it a date with your sweetie! 

Last but not least, Rewind is as easy as it gets:

All you have to do is tune in and be transported to a world full of history and adventure…by your own feet and the sweet voice of the guide, of course. Enjoy your tour! 



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